Get Involved

Ever since the book launched in March, 2011, people have asked what they can do to make a difference. My first answer: there is so much you can do, and even the smallest act makes a big difference.

If you want to support a woman entrepreneur in Afghanistan, I have a terrific candidate:

Soccer balls made by Afghan women. Women take the leather pieces home to sew them together and then the balls are assembled on-site by men who stuff them and get them ready to go to market. One ball can help create jobs for many.

There are also a slew of organizations working in Afghanistan to help support women in their quest to improve their lives. Some help with skills training, others provide shelter to victims of horrific domestic abuse. I encourage you to have a look around and see which one moves you.

The international organizations listed below work hard to support women changemakers. These are just a few I know well who work with women on the ground worldwide to provide leadership training and entrepreneurship support.

Local organizations working in Afghanistan


Women for Afghan Women


Voice of Women Organization

Afghan Women’s Network

Afghan Women’s Education Center

Afghan Women Skill Development Center

Afghanistan Center Kabul University

International organizations working in Afghanistan

Mercy Corps


Women for Women International


Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women

Vital Voices