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Just finished your book and found it fascinating.

– Connie

I just finished reading The Dressmaker of Khair Khana. What an inspirational story! I felt as though I was there in the room with the women as they made the dresses. I was walking in the streets with Kamila and her brother as they shopped for fabric and sold the dresses. I could not put the book down. What a fabulous read!

– Laura

Just finished your book and I have no words to express how gratetful I am to read about Kamilajaan. Thanks for telling her story to the world. I am from Maharashtra, one of the states of India.

– Varsha

I am a 61 year old mother, grandmother and career woman.
I read a review of your book in People. Found it at my favorite local library. Read it in 4 days. Fascinating story of the power of women and their innate instinct to do whatever is necessary for their families. I know very little about the Taliban years, other than what I’ve read in books like yours and A Thousand Splendid Suns, etc. Very interesting topic. Thank you for bringing Kamila and her sisters into my home. I feel like they are my “sisters” in work ethics, community respect and support and true love of family. Excellent writing, wonderful story.
I sometimes write book recommendations for my library’s newsletter and will definitely recommend your book. Thank you.

– Fabienne

What an inspiring book-

I loved it!

– Stephanie

Just finished your book. Thank you so much for this amazing story of these women who persevered with such braveness and boldness. It inspired me greatly.

– Marlae

I just finished reading your book…in two sittings…didn’t want to put it down. Thank you for telling this wonderfully inspiring story. I look forward to recommending it to friends.

– Bonnie

Gayle, your book is wonderful. I read your article in Newsweek about Hilary Clinton”my hero”. You have inspired me to join”Toastmasters” to improve my public speaking. I am 68 and have seen the progress that women have made but also see the back pedaling movement to cause women to lose the gains that have been fought for so hard. I want more for my daughters and my grandchildren. I want dignity for all.

– Sharon

Thanks for a great book.

– Julia

I loved your book. I sew and I love how creating a garment can help empower a person. I am a former sewing teacher and I saw first-hand how learning to sew could change a person. One example I have is a very depressed, teen mom made a pair of corduroy overalls for her toddler son. She said she was going to keep the pants even after her son outgrew them. She showed them off to her schoolmates. She glowed when told people about them.

– Pat

This book is so inspiring for those of us who have no governmental or other hard-core obstacles standing in our way.

– Janice

Beautiful story, thank you very much…

– Harry

I loved loved loved your book! What a wonderful and heartwarming story. These are strong and admirable women!  Thank you for writing such a beautiful book.

– Carolina

Just finished your book “The Dressmaker”. Excellent read, loved the way you told their story. It was informative, but not dry. You brought their story to life. Well done!

– Madelaine

The Dressmaker is a fascinating window on Afghan life under the Taliban and a celebration of women the world over who support their loved ones with tenacity, inventiveness, and sheer guts.

– People Magazine

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana gives voice to many of our world’s unsung heroines. Against all odds, these young women created hope and community, and they never gave up. This book is guaranteed to move you—and to show you a side of Afghanistan few ever see.

– Angelina Jolie, Actress & Activist

Gayle Lemmon’s riveting portrait of Kamila, told with grace, elegance and passion, captures the extraordinary tenacity and ingenuity of one woman. A powerful read that serves as a reminder that Afghanistan can never thrive until it embraces the active involvement of women—with their resourcefulness, spirit and resilience in its leadership and future.

– Tina Brown, Editor, Newsweek & The Daily Beast

Books on Afghanistan usually fall into one of two categories: policy oriented polemics, or simple tales about do-gooders. Rarely has an author been so successful in turning on-the-ground reportage into a dramatic and yet deeply informative story. The Dressmaker of Khair Khana reads like great fiction and yet it is all true; this book will grab you from the first sentence and take you on an amazing journey that crosses many borders: cultural, geographical, intellectual and, most importantly, emotional. It is a must read.

– Mohamed El-Erian, CEO of PIMCO & Author of When Markets Collide